Where to Put Toilet Paper Holder in Small Bathroom: Maximizing Space and Convenience

Discover the best placement options for a toilet paper holder in a small bathroom. Maximize space and convenience with expert tips and creative solutions.

In a small bathroom, every inch of space counts. When it comes to where to put a toilet paper holder, finding the ideal location is essential to maximize both functionality and aesthetics.

This article will guide you through various placement options for a toilet paper holder in a small bathroom, ensuring that you make the most of the available space while maintaining convenience and style.

Where to Put Toilet Paper Holder in Small Bathroom

Finding the right spot to install a toilet paper holder in a small bathroom can be challenging. Consider these ideas to help you determine the most suitable placement:

Convenient Toilet Paper Holder Placement: Easy Access by the Toilet

Placing the toilet paper holder within arm’s reach of the toilet is a popular choice for convenience. Install it on a sidewall or the wall behind the toilet, ensuring it is easily accessible without straining or requiring excessive movement.

This location ensures quick and hassle-free access to toilet paper during use.

Convenient Wall-Mounted Toilet Paper Holder near the Sink

Another viable option is to install the toilet paper holder on a wall near the sink. This placement ensures easy access to toilet paper for hand-washing purposes or while freshening up in front of the mirror. It also serves as a practical solution when space next to the toilet is limited.

Clever Vanity Cabinet Toilet Paper Holder: Discrete and Accessible

If your small bathroom features a vanity cabinet, consider installing the toilet paper holder inside the cabinet door. This clever solution keeps the toilet paper discreetly tucked away while still within reach. Ensure the holder is securely mounted and easily accessible when the cabinet door is open.

Convenient Toilet Paper Holder Placement in Bathtub/Shower

In bathrooms with a bathtub or shower, placing the toilet paper holder within close proximity to these fixtures can be convenient. Mounting the holder on a nearby wall allows for easy access to toilet paper before, during, or after using the bathtub or shower.

Strategic Toilet Paper Holder Placement for Easy Access

Consider installing the toilet paper holder near the entry door if space permits. This strategic placement ensures that you can conveniently grab toilet paper on your way in or out of the bathroom. It also keeps the holder away from the main functional areas, freeing up space for other essentials.

Maximize Space: Wall-Mounted Shelf with Toilet Paper Holder

If your small bathroom features a wall-mounted shelf, capitalize on the vertical space by installing the toilet paper holder underneath it. This placement maximizes space utilization and keeps the holder easily accessible. Just make sure the height is appropriate for a comfortable reach.

Convenient Hidden Toilet Paper Holder on Bathroom Door

Utilize the back of the bathroom door by installing a toilet paper holder on it. This odd placement keeps the holder hidden from plain sight while remaining conveniently accessible. However, ensure that the holder does not interfere with the door’s movement or create obstructions.

Sophisticated Recessed Wall Niche Toilet Paper Holder for Small Bathrooms

If your small bathroom has a recessed wall niche, take advantage of this built-in feature by incorporating a toilet paper holder within it. This placement not only saves space but also adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to your bathroom décor.

Stylish Freestanding Toilet Paper Holder for Convenient Bathroom Storage

In cases where wall mounting is not feasible or preferred, a freestanding floor holder can be a practical alternative. These holders come in various styles, finishes, and designs, allowing you to choose one that complements your bathroom aesthetics. Ensure the holder is placed in a convenient and unobtrusive spot.

Creative DIY Toilet Paper Holder for Optimal Space Utilization

For the creatively inclined, repurposing everyday items into unique toilet paper holders can be an exciting option. Consider using decorative baskets, vintage crates, or wall-mounted planters to hold your toilet paper rolls. These DIY solutions add a personalized touch and help optimize space utilization.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I install a toilet paper holder on a tiled wall?

Absolutely! Installing a toilet paper holder on a tiled wall is entirely possible. However, ensure you use appropriate hardware designed for tile installations. Consult a professional or refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for the correct installation process.

How high should a toilet paper holder be mounted?

The ideal height for a toilet paper holder is typically between 26 to 28 inches from the floor. This placement ensures comfortable access for most individuals. However, consider the specific needs and preferences of the users in your household when determining the height.

Can I use adhesive strips to mount a toilet paper holder?

While adhesive strips may seem like a convenient option, they are not recommended for mounting a toilet paper holder. Toilet paper rolls can be heavy, especially in larger sizes, and adhesive strips may not provide sufficient support.

It is best to use screws or other hardware designed for mounting bathroom fixtures securely.

Is it possible to have more than one toilet paper holder in a small bathroom?

Yes, it is possible to have multiple toilet paper holders in a small bathroom, especially if it serves multiple users. Consider installing an additional holder in a different location, such as near the bathtub or shower area, for added convenience.

Ensure the placement does not compromise the available space or impede movement.

What are some space-saving alternatives to traditional toilet paper holders?

If you have limited space in your small bathroom or prefer a minimalist aesthetic, consider alternative storage solutions for toilet paper. Wall-mounted storage baskets, hanging fabric organizers, or even a recessed shelf can provide space-saving options for storing extra rolls within easy reach.

How can I incorporate a toilet paper holder into a small bathroom with limited wall space?

If your small bathroom has minimal wall space, consider utilizing other areas for toilet paper storage. Freestanding storage units, such as a small cabinet or a ladder shelf, can serve as functional and stylish alternatives.

These options provide storage space for toilet paper rolls while minimizing wall clutter.


In a small bathroom, the strategic placement of a toilet paper holder is crucial for maximizing both space and convenience. By considering the various options outlined in this article, you can find the perfect spot to install a toilet paper holder that suits your needs and complements your bathroom’s aesthetics.

Remember to prioritize ease of access, functionality, and personal preferences when determining where to put a toilet paper holder in a small bathroom.

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